California gambling institution King’s Casino Management Corp in the case of fraud poker players filed an official statement of rejection of large civil action, which is now under consideration by the relevant authorities. The number of plaintiffs against the casino at the same time increased.

 It is known that since the beginning of March this year Stones Gambling Hall, which is the parent company referred to the casino, asking the courts to dismiss a civil lawsuit for $ 10 million in the case of fraud poker player Mike Postl. As an argument, the company’s representatives said that the suit shows the classic complaint of all the players, who, unwilling to admit defeat, claiming that they were deceived.

 It is also known that the plaintiffs, which protects the interests of the lawyer Morris „Mac“ Verstandig, particularized complaints, presented new charges and new applicants brought against poker players. To date, in the proceedings involved 89 plaintiffs. Filed formal charges against the company and directed Stones Gambling Hall, which, according to the plaintiffs, had violated the law on consumer protection (CLRA) and is a fraud. One of the applicants, Veronica Brill, additionally filed against the company libel, whose representatives have called her allegations fabricated.

 As provided in the petition are precedents, according to which the claimants are required to provide sufficient facts that, according to lawyers who can not pull it off in full at the moment.

 Company Stones Gambling Hall, in turn, argues that the plaintiffs‘ complaint did not contain sufficient details that could prove the guilt of the casino and bring to justice for losing poker players to gamble. Also, representatives of the company said that the casino is not obliged to take care about the players.

 Recall Sheyberg Isaiah, known as the founder of the PokerStars, surrendered to US authorities after several years of flight.

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Judicial precedent of fraud poker in Las Vegas casino rejects accusations